Hello! My name is Bre Indigo!

I am a black, queer, freelance artist based in Orange County, California.

I am represented by Brent Taylor of Triada US Literary

The goal of my creative career is to bring people together, and nurture a healthy and positive community around my artwork. I love to tell stories of gentle boys, strong girls and the great people in between, and to bring attention to the humanity and different forms of love we all have in

us as human beings. 

•  •  •

Illustrator of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, MG Graphic Novel written

by Rey Terciero. Published with LBYR in February 2019.


Contributing Illustrator for Drift of Dreams: A Swordsfall Graphic Novel in collaboration with Brandon Dixon. Projected to be published in July 2020.

Author of Jamie, Free web-comic series, which updates Friday's on the self-publishing platforms: Tapas.io and Webtoons,

Illustrator of The Dog Knight, a three-book MG Graphic Novel series, written by Jeremy Whitley. Book One is to be published with Feiwel and Friends in 2021.

Illustrator of Northranger, a YA Graphic Novel, written by Rey Terciero.

To be published with HarperAlley in fall of 2022.

 Please send work inquiries to Brent!


Any Pronouns

salmon sashimi, astronomy,

sci fi, good coffee, face kisses, sun naps, smiles

misleading product designs, cold weather, allergies, cat-haters

P.O box 28738

Santa Ana, CA 92799

United States

All artwork © Bre'Anna Indigo Babikian, NDGOarts

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